Lynn BrunelleSassy, Smart Fun with Everyday Stuff By Lynn Brunelle
A four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Lynn Brunelle has over 20 years experience writing for people of all ages, across all manner of media. Previously a classroom science, English and art teacher for kids K-12, is currently an editor, illustrator, and award-winning author of over 45 titles.

The Mama Gone Geek Blog

For parents and teachers: mean-pig-for-webWe’ve ALL been there. As parents who were once kids ourselves we know all about the dreaded phrase “I’m BORED!” Call me crazy, but now, as an average over-achieving mama, I see these moments as a challenge! I think, for my kids, “bored” means not being attached to some sort of electronic thingamajig. So for that reason alone I say bring on the being bored! Seriously. There really is no such thing as being bored. There are so many cool things you can do and use them as springboards for learning. Sound like too much work? It’s not. That’s why I am here to introduce the Mama Gone Geek blog —Sassy, Smart Fun with Everyday Stuff. These things are fun for kids. They’re fun for grown ups, too. Heck they’re even fun for jaded and irritable tweens and teens! spoononyournosePLUS, this is stuff you can use to teach– if you want to. NO pressure, but the opportunity is there however you choose to use it. Waiting forever for dinner? What a perfect opportunity to hang a spoon from your nose and learn a little bit about gravity, condensation and adhesion while you’re at it. Make the salt shaker stand on end and explore the secret properties of crystals. Play a paper napkin game and discover the physics of fibers. Outside? Smash a leaf and learn about chlorophyll. Mix sand and glue and paint and create a rock to do cave art on. Skip a rock. Fall down without getting hurt. Whistle with an acorn top or juggle. And THEN investigate the fascinating and accessible world of science behind the fun– if you want to. Spoon on Your Nose is like vegetables that taste like candy. They taste GREAT and they’re good for you—even if you don’t know it. For Kids: paper-penguinsDon’t you just hate it when a grown up tells you how amazing the world is and that you should never ever be bored. Well, here’s another one. The world out there is AMAZING! And all you need is stuff you already have around the house to go out and explore it. Check out the videos and print outs on this blog and you, too will become an expert at such things like leaf-smash t-shirts, hanging a spoon on your nose, sucking an egg into a bottle and so much more. Are you bored? Go! Have fun!